Terms and Conditions – Online Consultation

  • The results of an Online Consultation are not a certificate of authenticity, history of ownership/provenance, condition or value of your artwork. The results of your Online Consultation are merely a professional opinion based on information and photographs you provide. While Alla Prima Art Services will strive to identify your artwork as specifically as possible, it may be by category, not by specific artist.
  • If the results of your Online Consultation include a list of auction results or asking prices for similar artwork, they are not a representation or warranty, implied or expressed, that your artwork will realize a particular price if offered for sale.
  • The market for art is subject to frequent change; therefore, the information in your Online Consultation Report is most valid on the date it is delivered. 
  • If false information has been submitted (intentionally or unintentionally), the information that results from your Online Consultation will be rendered invalid.
  • An Online Consultation is a limited, flat-fee service. Additional services and consultations, via phone or in person, are subject to hourly billable rates of $85/hour. 
  • An Online Consultation is not an appraisal. The professional appraisal process is subject to high standards of research and reporting. Most notably, the standards set forth in the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice. Read about Alla Prima’s appraisal services here.
  • The fee for your Online Consultation may be applied toward an appraisal of the subject artwork within 30 days of delivery of your Online Consultation Report.
  • While Alla Prima Art Services has broad expertise, if your artwork falls outside of this expertise, you will be informed and your payment will be refunded. Otherwise, Online Consultation fees are non-refundable.
  • Your Online Consultation Report will be delivered via email within 3 business days after successful submission of information and payment.