Online Consultation

A basic service to help you better understand that artwork you’ve always been curious about.


AOnline Consultation is a good first step to learn more about your art. 

Send us photos and some information about your artwork using the form below. Submit payment and within three business days, we’ll deliver the results of your Online Consultation to your inbox.

1. If you don’t already know, we’ll do our best to tell you what we think you have and offer our impression of its quality.

2. If  you already know what you have, we’ll provide a professional classification and description of the piece so you have the proper terminology to perform additional research or inquiries. We use the internationally recognized Getty Object Identification standards for this. Many customers appreciate having this documentation for their personal records.

3. We’ll determine if there is a traceable resale market for your artwork. If so, we’ll provide a list telling you where similar artwork is currently bought and sold. We’ll explore auction houses, brick and mortar galleries as well as online outlets. We’ll include full details on the most recent 3-5 auction sales (if the artist’s work has, in fact, appeared at auction). Since no single database or listing service covers all public sales, we subscribe to multiple database and listing services for this purpose.

From there, it’s up to you. If it turns out you have something that has a resale market, you can use the information we provide to take additional action. Or, if you opt for an appraisal of the artwork, the cost of the Online Consultation can be applied to it. 


 Cost: $49.95 + tax

Please note, an Online Consultation does not constitute an appraisal. For appraisal services, please visit our Appraisals page.

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