Alla Prima’s advising services take many forms: curating private and institutional collections, general art project management, making recommendations for storage, shipping and conservation, solving art acquisition or dispossession challenges–even guiding organizational clients through the call for art and jurying processes. If your art needs fall into our bailiwick, we’ll tackle them with gusto. If not, we’ll let you know and refer you to others who might be able to help. 

Since each advising project is very unique, it’s best to start with a call or email to start the conversation. 


What does art advising look like in action?  

Here are some examples.

Client: A regional nonprofit organization

Problem: Sought to integrate a fine art exhibition into its annual conference. Not having an art-centered mission or having taken on art projects in the past, its Board of Directors turned to us for help.

Alla Prima crafted a curatorial theme that bridged the world of fine art to the organization’s mission, devised a call for art and jurying process matching its needs with the trends and expectations of the area’s artistic community, established a budget and timelines, and made recommendations for the manner and terms of sale of the artwork. 


Client: A home owners’ association at a high end residential development

Problem: Needed guidelines for selecting and caring for original artwork displayed in communal areas.

Alla Prima crafted a custom art policy integrating considerations for selection, display, maintenance, insurance and periodic artwork re-evaluation. The result? Practical art guidelines to help maintain and promote the development’s refined and high-end tone for a long time to come. 


Client: An international financial services corporation with a local presence

Problem: How to get plugged into the regional artist community for acquiring original works to add to its corporate collection. 

APAS presented client with a range of options sourced from local galleries and artists, essentially serving as its eyes, ears and pocketbook on the ground. The result was the successful addition of over two dozen regional artworks to its collection. Happy client. Happy artists.